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E-commerce vs. Retail: Which is Better?

With the growth of online stores and the number of online shoppers, we'll answer the question of e-commerce vs. retail: which is better?

With e-commerce sales, business owners wonder if establishing retail will make sense.

In 2022, e-commerce sales were around $1,034.1 billion, which shows an increase of 7.7 percent from 2021.

Simultaneously, The success of the e-commerce business doesn't mean that retail stores are dead.

When it comes to sales at the end of the season or on Black Friday, many customers shop both online and offline. Online stores can reach a large audience based on their search history and interests.

So, we'll demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of both online and offline stores, so you can decide if your business needs to be online only or should include retail stores too.


Here are the benefits of e-commerce stores:

With the potent presence and variety of online shopping nowadays, it has become a must-choice for business owners to switch from traditional brick-and-mortar to e-commerce and online stores.

Moreover, the e-commerce business offers many benefits for customers through the wide variety of displayed products, making online shopping the top for most consumers.



Through e-commerce stores, people can enjoy shopping anywhere at the home office or in the car; simply because they don't have to stand in long lines to pay for their purchases.

Moreover, clients can shop for their products using simple keywords on the search engine, so online stores save time and offer comfort.


Availability of online stores

The locations of buyers and vendors don't matter in online shopping, where customers can make purchases even at dawn, and for business owners to increase sales while sleeping.


Tracking online

Through e-commerce stores, customers can track their purchases and know the time and day of delivery, which is a helpful step.

Furthermore, when the product is out of stock, the owner can tell the customer when he restocks it.



The startup's e-commerce and brand owners can provide discounts for customers, which is the most attractive step for clients. If compared with offline stores' prices.

As in an e-commerce business, you won't have to worry about real estate costs or maintenance or pay electric or water bills, leading to many offers for consumers.


Prices comparison

E-commerce helps customers compare prices between all their favorite products and brands while also helping them take a look at competitors in the same industry.

So, you can build your loyal customer base according to your online store's industry and target audience.

After all of these beneficial points, do you think there is a winner rather than e-commerce?


Here are some benefits of offline stores:

Absence of a waiting period

Offline stores allow customers to use their products or pieces instantly after paying, which is the opposite of online stores, where customers wait for their order for at least one day, even if it is simple to order, like a phone case or accessories.


Checking quality

One of the potent points of offline stores is checking the quality of goods and products or trying clothes on many times to get the right size, while it may be difficult to know the exact quality from the website.

In this case, reviews from clients may be helpful for the newcomers on your website, as they can reassure them if the product is original or fake.

So, whether you are an e-commerce startup or a brand owner who focuses on offline stores, it appears clear that e-commerce marketing and online shopping are essential in every industry.

Both online and offline stores support each other, but in a world full of mobile phones, the internet, and high responsibilities regarding time, you can't neglect your social platforms or website.

Finally, you must determine your kind of customer and their needs and interests. As an e-commerce startup, this is the first step to success.


How can be4startup help your online or offline stores?

At be4startup consulting marketing, we can help e-commerce startups and business owners with everything that covers all aspects of growing and operating an e-commerce business.

Our dedicated team can provide e-commerce startups with the effective marketing strategy and tools needed for e-commerce business expansion, growth, and increasing sales.

Moreover, through our digital marketing team, we guarantee you a client base where you will notice the conversion from branding to having loyal customers.


So, with the be4startup team, all the tools needed to become one of the top e-commerce startups in the market are available, including everything related to digital marketing, consultation, website development, and operations management.

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services if you seek professional success for your business.

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