An image describes how to get more customers and sales with Shopify

Get more customers and sales with Shopify

Want to get more customers and sales with Shopify? Read on to learn how to sell on Shopify to boost customer growth and increase sales.

In a few years, the e-commerce space has been incredibly spread around the world, providing countless tools for retailers and brands.

We can say that competition between online shopping platforms is increasing nowadays, and Shopify is among the most popular e-commerce platforms.

Shopify is growing rapidly with e-commerce business owners in 175 countries, as around one billion transactions have been completed, with more than $135 billion in total sales for various merchants on the Shopify platform.

What are the Requirements for selling on Shopify?

E-commerce startups or old brand owners may wonder about selling with Shopify and what they need for the Shopify e-commerce site.

So, to sell on Shopify, you will need a Shopify subscription, a product, a domain name, an exchange and return policy, data privacy, and a Shopify accounting application.

Also, you may need a business license to sell on Shopify, depending on your e-commerce business.

Here are the most needed requirements to sell on Shopify:


You can't sell on Shopify if you don't have products. It may appear obvious, but you know that some e-commerce businesses depend on selling services.

Moreover, it is necessary to mention that Shopify doesn't accept selling some kinds of products that cause harm, like weapons, etc.

Domain name.

The second requirement for selling on Shopify is detecting domain names, which people will type into their browsers to find your e-commerce store.

Simultaneously, a custom domain will be a great choice before your online store activation instead of the domain, which is free for every user.

Shopify subscription.

After the 14-day trial, you need a subscription to the Shopify e-commerce site to sell on the platform.

Currently, there are three packages you can choose between depending on your industry and e-commerce business.

The first is the Shopify basic plan, which costs 29 dollars per month; the second is the standard plan, which costs 79 dollars per month; and the third is the advanced plan, which costs $299 a month.

Keep in mind your business's needs and budget when choosing a Shopify subscription package.

Moreover, you should understand that the more expensive the plan, the more improved features you will get in your e-commerce store. So it will return as a better investment over time.

Detect an exchange and return policy.

Determine an exchange and return policy for selling on Shopify. While it may not be considered a technical step to join a Shopify store, it is necessary.

The returns and exchange policies help consumers and customers develop confidence in your e-commerce business and expect professionalism while preventing fraud.

Furthermore, your returns and exchange policy should be concise, clear, honest, and agree with the policies of product suppliers if you are dropshipping.

Privacy policy.

The data privacy policy is a legal requirement for selling on your e-commerce website, and this is according to general data protection regulations, especially if you target the European market.

Shopify accounting application.

One of the necessary technical requirements to sell on Shopify is getting a Shopify accounting app, as it is a potent step to have one, especially if you are an e-commerce startup.

As you have to calculate and collect sales and taxes on products you sell on the Shopify platform, connecting an accounting application with Shopify helps you track and record transactions and tax information.

Check out the Shopify sales tax guide for more information.

As you notice, the requirements for selling on Shopify are clear and straightforward; you only need basic technical information and products with good descriptions and strong points.

Is it that easy to Sell with Shopify?

It certainly depends on your vision and mission regarding your e-commerce business.

However, you must learn about Shopify's rich sales features that help business owners build large, scaling e-commerce stores.

Simultaneously, it is obvious how Shopify offers sales functionality, support, and analytical capabilities for selling and shipping many products.

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