tips to increase e-commerce sales and conversion rate

Increase e-commerce sales and conversion rate

Learning tips to increase e-commerce sales and conversion rate is a priority, whether you are new to the e-commerce business or are already an online seller. The higher your conversion rate, the better your e-commerce store performance and sales will be.

You can generate business sales from new or long-term customers through simple marketing tips and tricks that encourage customers to purchase before leaving your online store.

So, in this article, we will tell you about some e-commerce marketing tactics that convert your visitors into paying customers; however, let us first discuss why customers leave your e-commerce store empty-handed without purchasing.


Why do e-commerce conversions fail sometimes?

There are many reasons why your shoppers do not convert and leave without making any purchases. For instance:

  • Your online store gives a bad first impression.
  • Maybe you do not know your exact target audience or who you are selling to.
  • You have a non-optimized e-commerce site.
  • Weak product descriptions, pictures, or services.
  • Moreover, you may not care about mobile users, or your call to action is not clear.
  • Your e-commerce store checkout is pretty tough, or you do not offer free shipping.
  • Ignoring retargeting and remarketing strategies.
So, as long as you understand why you make these mistakes and how to fix them, you will be able to improve your performance and sales every day.


How can you increase e-commerce sales and conversion rates?

In the last months of 2023 and with the approach of 2024, it is necessary to be aware of generating more e-commerce conversions, especially with a high number of competitors right now.


Here are some ways to increase e-commerce sales and conversion rates:


Focus on attractive and persuasive design on your website store.

If your website design does not support your visitors staying on the page and does not move forward with their transaction, there are no marketing tactics that can help.

So, it is your role to make your site visually appealing and persuasive. The modern consumer tends to engage with a fancy website that can closely transfer your vision and mission.

For that, let your design goal focus on pulling visitors' eyes to a certain part of the page that allows them to move a step closer toward conversion.

Your visitor's attention will typically go to the main image, text, and call to action, like “Shop now,” taking them to the next step for conversion, which is the role of persuasive design.

The persuasive content/copy.

On the other side, the persuasive content role is as necessary as a design, aiming to keep your visitors engaged and encouraging them to make the purchase decision.

So, make your voice and words shine on your site by giving customers caring words, demonstrating strength, offers, and what makes your products unique.

Easy and simple navigation.

We can consider navigation one of the most necessary tactics that boost e-commerce sales and conversion rates.

When your visitors are not able to find what they are looking for at the click of a button, they are going to navigate away to competitors' stores.

So, using the navigation bar at the top of the screen allows visitors to check the intermediate products category on the page that they are looking for.

From there, it will be their chance to navigate deeper into specific products within each category.

Furthermore, consider some factors while optimizing your site search functionality, like ensuring that your visitors can find their relevant products with the related search term.

So, it is necessary to put your product pages well together in a complete manner with vital information to match your customers' search queries.

Focus on personalization.

One of the most effective marketing tactics for e-commerce sales and conversion rates is creating dynamic, tailored content that supports your products or services.

Also, providing your customers with offers, vouchers, free shipping, and product recommendations is a great idea.

Simultaneously, you can determine the personalization experience based on customers' behavior on-site, geographic and demographic data, and their history with your brand.

When you focus on offering pathways for visitors to choose from while considering your customers' types, you can easily point them to product collections related to their search or purchasing history.

Share products on social media platforms.

Ensure your brand has a social media presence on some platforms to boost your e-commerce sales and conversion rate.

Whereas advertising and creating an organic presence on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram are not new things, however, many e-commerce companies use these social media channels to sell to their customers directly.

For example, if you are in the clothing or fashion industry, which relies on visual presentation, you should make your Instagram profile shoppable.

Provide multiple offers and discounts.

What is better than customizing vouchers for your consumers?

Make them feel special through a loyal and potent relationship with your brand. Simultaneously, it is better to provide customers with a bit of control over how and when they use specific discount offers.

It is not only for personalization, but you will encourage them to make unplanned purchases and be more loyal as you pamper them with discounts and offers.


Focus on reviews as social proof.

According to many e-commerce expert studies, reviews and recommendations play a vital role in boosting e-commerce sales and conversion rates.

More than 80% of customers trust brands through recommendations from friends, family members, or strangers who transfer their experience with your services or products.

Most online shoppers check out product reviews before making a single purchase, so caring about your customers' feedback is a beneficial point for your brand and encourages them to write positive words.

Through social proof and positive reviews, you will not only increase your conversion rate but also gain benefits from new customers and current ones and enhance consumer retention as well.

Frequently Asked Questions.


What is the importance of offering various payment and delivery options?

Adding many options to your customer's satisfaction will increase your e-commerce sales and conversion rate.

Based on standards nowadays, there are many ways for online payment, from PayPal to Apple Pay; it is not only about credit cards.

So, when looking for which payment options fit your target audience, it will boost your e-commerce sales and conversion rate.

Adding delivery options will strengthen your relationship with customers, like receiving orders at the nearest point and door-to-door, or whether they prefer to wait for estimated days or pay for rush delivery.

In this way, you will not lose customers, as they will find their satisfied choice always.

Make sure you improve your site consistently, and once you determine an issue, drop conversion takes your time to fix it.

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