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Increase online sales with e-commerce UI/UX

If you run an e-commerce store, you sure heard about UI/UX designs. But what is the importance of e-commerce UI/UX? Read to learn how to increase online sales with e-commerce UI/UX.

With the wide spread of the internet and mobile phones everywhere, many things have moved online, and the brand owners' presence on social media platforms has become a must to increase sales and attract more consumers.

As the customers' attention is much needed, it is time to know what the user experience is and how it affects your e-commerce store to increase online sales with e-commerce UI/UX.

What is UI and UX design?

UX is the abbreviation of (user experience), while UI describes (user interface). You will find both of them working together and hand in hand for customer satisfaction.

The UX describes the user journey and their interaction with the products.

Simultaneously, UX design involves various areas, including branding, design, function, and usability, aiming to create a great experience for users with your products or services.

When it comes to UX design, we should think about the entire process of user experience with products or services, including how you introduce your products and aims to your customers. Did you use advertising, blogs, posts, or something else?

What are users' interactions with your brand, and what is their feeling after using it? So, you can find all these considerations in UX design.

Finally, the UX designer aims to provide critical information, entertainment, or even solve problems for users to reach customer satisfaction and ensure that consumers feel fulfilled, which can occur through their interactions with products or services.

On the other hand, the UI design may include texts, images, widgets, buttons, and more interactive elements, so it cares about actual interfaces and users' engagement.

Furthermore, the UI design ensures the delivery of every visual transition, animation, and element within the product or service to achieve a positive experience.

What are the UI/UX features?

As we said before, UI (user interface) acts to achieve two fundamental purposes, which include conveying data from machines to users and simultaneously being responsible for conveying information from users to machines.

Here are some of the most important features of UI (user interface) design:


Simplicity is the key to navigation. As easy navigation depends on a simple user interface, you must focus on communicating the strong points with the least.

The UI design should work on adding new features to the e-commerce site only if necessary to add great experience and value to the website.


The UI designer aims to attract more target audiences, and this can occur through a thrilling and enjoyable e-commerce website.

So, in addition to making your site concise, efficient, simple, and easy to use, it is also necessary to make it attractive to visitors.


It is one of the most necessary user interface elements. If users do not know how your application or website works or where to go on your website, they will get confused and leave your site.

The main purpose of UI design is to enable customers to interact with your site by delivering good meaning and function.


Familiarity is a necessary feature of UI design. Many UI designers should focus on intuitive designs and their meanings for users.

Through intuitiveness, you will help make products and websites easy to remember and understandable.

So, as designers aim to deliver personalized user experience, they should care about familiarity to strengthen the application design.

Quick response.

A great UI experience should provide quick responses to users' needs, where having a mobile-responsive interface will encourage users to visit the website frequently and stay on it longer.


Your UI design can achieve great success through consistent search results and browsing.

The designers should boost learning and readability by applying typeface, size, and more to screen components.

Here are some UX features:



You can ensure high value when users feel rewarded and comfortable using your products and services.

So, how do your products or services make life easier or solve the problems of users? The product or service must deliver value to users and the organizations that create them throughout the life cycle of the product or service.


Usability refers to helping users reach the final objective with a product effectively and with high results.



The product or service that solves all problems of customers is worth releasing to a broad audience and then more consumers and profits.


The UX design should ensure delivering access experience to all users, even those with disabilities.

Therefore, the UX designer should care for all users to gain benefits and spread them everywhere, irrespective of user type. The product that is important for all should be accessible to all.


You can convey desirability in design through branding, identity, image, and emotional design.

So, the desirable product is the one that helps users to be what they aspire to be.


Credibility describes the ability of your products or service to provide trust for users when using.


It means that your products should be easy to find, and their content and information must be easy to find too.

What are the benefits of UI/UX designs for e-commerce?

You can notice from the UI/UX features and purposes how they add advantages for e-commerce, especially startups.

Here are the UI/UX benefits for e-commerce business:

They help in enhancing branding and retaining users for a long time.

Moreover, the UI/UX increases the conversion rate and attracts more customers to your platform.

Simultaneously, they ensure the best experience for all devices, improve website speed and search engine optimization, and guarantee customers satisfaction while saving more time and money.

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