An image describes how to use Google Trends to boost SEO and sales

Google Trends to boost SEO and sales

Are you wondering how to use Google Trends to boost SEO and sales? Or wonder how your website store gains benefits from Google trends and SEO and how it affects your sales curve. So, this article is for you.

What does Google Trends refer to?

Google Trends is a tool that helps you identify trendy topics and popular keywords. In addition, the availability of competitors' research boosts your website ranking.

So, we can consider Google Trends a free tool that provides graphs and data about specific popular search terms on Google and YouTube.

What are the benefits of Google trends?

You can use Google Trends to gain various advantages for your e-commerce store content to improve your SEO rank.

Moreover, e-commerce startups and old business owners can use Google Trends to find the most recent and hottest trends, increasing their opportunities for appearing on Google searches.

Also, you can identify the trending topics and subtopics for your specific industry through Google Trends.

Simultaneously, you can discover the local geographic search trends regarding your country and location.

In the end, utilizing and understanding Google trends has high efficiency for your e-commerce digital marketing service success by improving your website's SEO ranking, leading to attracting more shoppers and increasing sales as a result.


How can I use Google Trends?

With the sweep of online stores and e-commerce success, the Google trends tool is more necessary and efficient than before, as you can obtain unique insights beyond surface-level or basic research.

It is all about persistence in business inquiries until you find the needed insights.

Here are some tips for using Google Trends to boost SEO and sales:


Determine the main keyword.

You can search for Google Trends by inserting your main keyword in the search box on the home page.

So, after inserting your main keyword, Google Trends will tell you about Google's most popular keywords to optimize your site's SEO.

Also, you can control the period and date range while searching.

Remember that the keyword search feature exposes you to the most popular keywords and less popular ones, so choose keywords with high popularity and leave less popular keywords.

Find related keywords.

One of the most advantageous features of Google Trends for e-commerce businesses is that it allows you to get the most popular related keywords for your topic.

So, you can identify the best and most relevant keywords based on the primary search term.

When you search on the home page, you will get a list of the most popular related keywords with an exact search volume percentage. Which in turn increases your search engine optimization to boost sales.

Research SEO for trendy topics.

You can use Google Trends to determine the related topic for your upcoming content.

So, search on the table called related topics, which provides insights into topics people are looking for in a wide range.

Search expansion.

Expanding your search will help you reach any specific market geographically and filter by country and region.

So, you can determine who is searching for what and in which location as Google trends take you deeper for a look globally.

Be specific with your search filtering.

Search with specific search options to find new keyword ideas.

You can choose your needed option among web search, image search, Google shopping, YouTube search, news search, etc.

Each click on one of them will drive you to results based on various segments related to your potential market, which improves SEO and sales.

Filtration by location.

When you incorporate your location, you will focus on specific keywords related to your target audience's search location.

Simultaneously, local keyword trends can determine which regions and sub-regions require your products and services, allowing you to get high efficiency from your SEO strategy.

In the end, location filtering allows you to focus on geographic areas that are in high demand for your products or services.

Video content optimization.

Google Trends helps optimize your video content when viewing related topics instead of just related queries.

So, switch from the web search to the YouTube search.

Also, check out related topics and queries to improve your opportunity to capture YouTube traffic.

Moreover, you can create a series of videos or blog content to leverage your channel into new markets, and increase exposure.

So, whether you create content or video marketing, your business and e-commerce store can benefit from SEO and sales increases.

Google Trends helps your online business by comparing keywords, generating trendy topics, analyzing competitors, and more.

Finally, you can generate and boost your content for specific keywords and general SEO, which attracts more visitors to your e-commerce store.

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