An image describes How to set up Shopify and increase profits

How to set up Shopify and increase profits.

If you work in the e-commerce business, you should learn How to set up Shopify and increase profits.

We can consider Shopify a win-win situation for every brand owner thanks to the benefits for your online business.

Simultaneously, Shopify is one of the most prominent e-commerce platforms worldwide. It provides you with marketing tools, payment processing, and more.

So, it seems that selling your products and services on Shopify is much easier and smooth due to so many benefits you will gain.

Check out how to grow your e-commerce business and the benefits of Shopify integration.

How to set up a Shopify e-commerce store for online business?

There are some simple steps to follow To set up your e-commerce store with Shopify, including the following:

Create an account on Shopify.

You can get free access to the Shopify website by visiting and entering your business's full details.


An image describes Shopify registration and how to set up a Shopify site to increase profits


Make sure that you use a unique name for Shopify, and after that, be ready to choose an appropriate package for your budget.

Business configuration.

The software will redirect you forward to the admin section after registration.

So, it is time to upload products related to business niches and control the store for setting up payment getaways.


Pick a theme.

One of the most helpful features is the uncountable theme models, as Shopify offers many layouts making it a better e-commerce platform than others.

Moreover, Shopify provides brand owners with both free and paid theme layouts that e-commerce business owners can set based on their target values and verticals.

 An image describes Shopify themes and how to set up a Shopify site to increase profits

It is necessary to choose or customize the theme that serves your industry.

Furthermore, Hire a developer that knows HTML and CSS while modifying the tagline and style to get the most supportive theme for your online business.

Theme application setting up.

You can choose between two options in the admin panel, whether temporary or custom themes.

When you check the theme options, you can press the three dots on the left side to decide to make basic changes to a duplicate theme.


An image describes the theme layout and how to set up a Shopify site to increase profits


Otherwise, you can choose custom theme features and create customized themes from color, font choices, logos, product sequences, and slides.

Products addition.

You can add your products and create a collection in your store after signing up for the free trial and setting up the layout.

Then, upload product details and clear images to the site.

Upload the product collection, and check the product section in the left navigation bar.

You will find the drag-and-drop feature that helps rearrange products by order size, name, and color.

Moreover, you can control both product addition and deletion and choose automatically or manually.

Select a fast payment getaway.

You can use Shopify's default payment processor or add other payment methods like PayPal,, Stripe, etc.


An image describes Shopify payment methods and how to set up a Shopify site to increase profits.


It is all about simple steps to activate the payment process, just as installing Checkout is simple.


Set domain name.

You will face three options regarding domains on the Shopify platform.

The first one is buying a new domain on the platform, while the second choice is linking your purchased domain to Shopify, and the third one is transferring the working domain and its stuff to the new store on Shopify.

So, to buy a new domain, go to the setting, then Buy a New Domain.


An image describes Shopify domains and how to set up a Shopify site to increase profits


Select a plan.

Check out the plan you can afford among the three pricing options: Basic Shopify, Shopify, or advanced Shopify, according to what each plan considers.


Publish the e-commerce store.

Go to the themes section in the online store, then click on the unlock password to make it available for people to visit.

Subscribe to the plan you want.

It is necessary to recheck everything and be sure you have suitable content before indexing to Google.

Do not forget to optimize on-page SEO to make your online website friendly for a Google search.

Remember to recognize menus, pages, and layouts to ensure your client's convenience when navigating the site.

You can always preview the e-commerce website to know how it looks from the customer's view and edit and customize it if needed.

Congratulation! You are ready to attract consumers and make money on Shopify now.

You should use Shopify features and marketing tools to stand out in the market.

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