An image describes whether in-house or agency marketing is better for an e-commerce store

Is in-house or agency marketing better for an e-commerce store?

Many e-commerce startups and brand owners have various questions about digital marketing for their businesses. So, Is in-house or agency marketing better for an e-commerce store?

Then, what do you think is better for your e-commerce business, keeping your marketing in-house or partnering with a marketing agency?

In this article, we will tell you about the pros and cons of both in-house and agency marketing to choose the best for your e-commerce business.


In-house vs. agency marketing: what is the difference between them?

In-house marketing refers to an internal marketing team that your company trusted, to convert your e-commerce business image and purpose for your target audience.

And to serve your business, aiming to stand out in a market with many competitors.

Agency marketing for e-commerce stores depends on using an external or outsourced marketing team to support your e-commerce business with the perfect marketing strategies.

And for sure, the outsourced or external team at the agency has its specific budget to market your business.

So, we can say that in-house marketing is always managed by the internal marketing department in the business owner's company, with a one-dimensional view of each campaign idea.

Simultaneously, the in-house marketing team may be limited in showing results as the flexibility of the internal team is quite low.

Otherwise, most big e-commerce brands prefer agencies to in-house marketing teams, as agencies and outsourced teams are more creative.

Moreover, the agency marketing team uses different functions and tools while making frequent checkups on the results of campaigns for modification to maximize optimization for their clients.

What are the pros and cons of in-house marketing vs. agency marketing?

We live in a digital decade where e-commerce for every business is a must to reach all clients simply, as each owner's first purpose is his clients' satisfaction.

You can reach a wide target audience through successful marketing strategies, increasing your profits and adding more benefits.


What are the pros and cons of agency marketing?

Agency marketing:

1. You will ensure the presence of fresh and active perspectives and potent exposure to your industry.

2. Flexible monthly fesses depending on your work and campaigns.

3. The agency marketing team who manages your project and e-commerce store has relevant experience and exposure to your business.

4. With an outsourced marketing team, you can ensure adaptability to new processes, technologies, marketing tools, and tasks.

5. An external team can guarantee clients' success through the vast resources of brands where there is no communication gap between stakeholders and perfect optimization performance.

6. Whatever your desired objectives regarding your e-commerce brand, agencies include talent marketers in all services and work across domains to achieve the best results.

7. The external marketing team can handle tasks, processes, and workloads that can't be easily done with an in-house team.

8. Moreover, the agency performs work sequentially, where checking everything off and on the list according to deadlines is a priority.

9. Simultaneously, the agency marketing focus on over-delivering all marketing objectives in the organization agreement, contributing to spreading the scaling process.

10. Outsourced marketing teams are cheaper than in-house teams and show flexibility in terms of payment.

11. As you can ask for monthly subscription fees which support your organization's performance and marketing objectives, it appears to be much cheaper than in-house marketing.

12. With an external marketing team at agencies, you can find multidimensional views and approaches where agencies can manage different digital marketing aspects, consisting of at least five people.

For instance, regarding agency marketing services, you can ask for web design, SEO digital marketing, content creation, graphic design, social media management, and marketplace manager.

You can notice how many benefits you can get from dealing with an external marketing team where the team is well-defined and ready to deliver your marketing objectives from the first day.

However, you can consider what you didn't like as cons and what will support your online store as pros.

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What are the pros and cons of in-house marketing?

In-house marketing:

1. The brand owner may suffer from stale marketing strategies due to over-specializations.

2. For an e-commerce business that needs software purchases, marketers, and marketing tools, this will lead to employment costs and recurring expenses.

3. Slow results occur due to the time taken to train employees in your brand language and your specific industry.

4. The limited skills of the in-house marketing team may make it harder for the in-house marketing team to scale.

5. The in-house marketing team may face the challenge of technologies and adaptability.

6. Familiarity with a brand can make setting and modifying objectives easier and as the organization wishes.

7. Simultaneously, regarding the various marketing functions, the in-house marketers may have limited capabilities or work on singular tasks, creating a gap in the organization's marketing efforts.

8. In-house marketing can face challenging priorities, work holds, and the marketing process, making it hard and end up hiring more than one team.

9. The scalability is limited with in-house marketing as it requires more revenue, leads, and sales, in a short time while having a team with limited functions.

10. In-house marketing teams are more expensive due to marketing tools, software, salaries, and other costs.

11. It may be difficult for the in-house marketing team to include a multidimensional approach, as we will need, in this case, a specialist social media strategist and marketing manager.

Moreover, the e-commerce company will need content creators, graphic designers, web developers, a relations manager, and more for the complete marketing team.

Therefore, when you are going for in-house marketers opt, make sure when hiring that your team can realize your marketing goals across various marketing channels.

For example, regarding in-house marketing aspects, social media marketing, digital marketing, search engine marketing, campaigns, SEO optimization, etc.

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