An image collects The Four Best E-Commerce Platforms for Selling in 2023

The Four Best e-commerce platforms for Selling in 2023

If you are an e-commerce startup or business owner who wonders what the best e-commerce platform for selling is to use in 2023, then this article is for you. We've collected a list of the four best e-commerce platforms for selling in 2023.

At first, it is necessary to know the pros and cons of each website depending on your industry and kind of target audience.

So, whether you are an e-commerce startup or looking to switch platforms, we will help you choose the most suitable platform for your business.


Which is the fastest-growing platform for e-commerce?

It may seem confusing for an e-commerce startup or brand owner to choose between a wide variety of websites, as the entire success of an e-commerce platform could depend on it. 

Whereas in the fourth quarter e-commerce sales made up around 14.7% of retail sales in the United States and around 27% of small businesses in the U.S.

So, it is difficult for customers to shop through these stores, which leads to lost sales and consumers compared to their competitors, who have optimized e-commerce stores.

Therefore, you should be among the brand owners who use e-commerce stress, efficient digital marketing strategies, and plans to achieve the best results and high profits.


Here are the four best e-commerce stores for selling in 2023:



We can consider Shopify a potent and user-friendly e-commerce platform that offers an organized foundation that helps in the progress of buying online asap.

The first advantage of Shopify is the provided support to e-commerce business owners, as Shopify can take care of the most necessary tasks related to e-commerce businesses, including various marketing tools, payment, secure checkout, and shipping.


An image of a Shopify website for an e-commerce business


Shopify integrates with most other platforms and online marketplaces, which leads to easy selling on it thanks to being one of the best multichannel e-commerce platforms.

Moreover, the Shopify website can offer your e-commerce store a chatbot where the chatbots answer FAQS to sell more products and reduce the pressure on customer service.

Also, the chatbot can provide good management for inventory lists, help customers with recommending products, in addition to providing customer support for frequent problems and questions.

You may find Shopify without a customizable checkout service and limited blog features without increasing add-ons.

The basic Shopify costs may range around $29 per month, and you can enjoy a free 14-day trial.


Square space

If you are an e-commerce startup seeking to establish an online store with all the needed marketing tools, Square Space is the best choice for your business.

The variety of e-commerce templates on Square Space is helpful for e-commerce beginners.



An image of a Squarespace website for an e-commerce business


The advantages of Square space include access to marketing tools, SEO, analytics allowance, social selling progress, inventory, the availability of dragging and dropping website builders, and professional templates.

It may be clear how the Square space offers lower features than Shopify.

However, you will enjoy a 14-day trial for free, while the business package of Square Space starts at around 23 dollars per month.



Bigcommerce is considered a SAAS website that provides services for online retailers.

No transaction fees with an unlimited amount of products, in addition to a wide array of features like unique and attractive themes.


An image of a BigCommerce website for an e-commerce business


However, you may suffer from slow loading speeds, and in the case of higher sales, you will pay more. BigCommerce website involves one-click selling features.



Woocommerce is the best free e-commerce platform. It is considered a WordPress plugin that transforms a WordPress site into an e-commerce store.

Simultaneously, Woocommerce is a free website with some hidden costs.


An image of a WooCommerce website for an e-commerce business

Moreover, Woocommerce guarantees you flexible and easy usage as all WordPress plugins and integrations are available for you and for free.

However, with Woocommerce, you may face additional domain hosting, plugin costs, and the absence of virtual customer service.


How does the business owner choose the e-commerce platform?

Determining a suitable e-commerce platform depends on many factors, and they all must support your needs and business purpose.

Once you focus on the necessary features in your online stores, whether having a business blog on your website or a Shopify chatbot for customer support and inquiries.

Determine your inventory size.

If you seek a website that can sell a large number of products, then you must choose a platform that can manage inventory and help you with product categorization and stock management.



If you plan for dropshipping, you should choose a platform that can handle dropshipping, for example, Shopify.


The type of your products or services.

It is so necessary to determine a platform that suits your industry. So, if you sell digital products, you will need a platform that supports file downloads.

While if you sell physical products, you will need a platform that supports shipping. For appointments, a platform that supports scheduling is a must.


Features and designs

This case depends on the level of control you want over your website for the look and feel of customers.

For that, if you want to control your e-commerce store completely, choose a platform that offers customization options for designs or build your website from scratch with additional fees.



Most platforms involve gradual monthly pricing where your monthly price increase as your transactional fees decrease.

So, if you are an e-commerce startup, you should calculate profits before committing to a marketing plan.

Moreover, take care as some platforms are free but with additional fees for domains and costs for ads on like plugins.

The comparison among the various platforms determines which website gives you efficient value for the price.

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