An image describes tips to increase sales on Shopify 2023

Tips to increase sales on Shopify 2023

Some tips to increase sales on Shopify 2023 may be necessary, especially in the last quarter of the year.

However, a slow sales rate is a rare issue on Shopify, but most people get stuck in this phase due to a low conversion ratio or lack of traffic.

So, if you are an e-commerce startup or an old business owner who struggles with low sales, read this article to learn how to get potential visitors and buyers and the best way to promote your Shopify store.


What are the most effective ways to increase sales on Shopify?

First, you should understand that establishing a potent marketing strategy for increasing sales on Shopify is the most important tip, whether you are new in the e-commerce game or already have an online store on Shopify.

Simultaneously, when building an online business on Shopify, you must make efforts to stand out in a market with many competitors.

Therefore, do not wait for customers to come through your e-commerce store without building an effective marketing strategy.

Do not worry. We are here with you to look at some tips that will drive more sales for your e-commerce store.


Here are tips to increase sales on Shopify in 2023:


Drive traffic to your online store with search engine optimization.

Generating traffic is the most necessary step to increase sales on Shopify.

So, depending on the free traffic source, SEO is the perfect way to start, especially if you are an e-commerce startup that does not have much funding.

Semrush has reported that around 37.5% of e-commerce traffic comes from SEO. It will be an addition for your Shopify store to follow the SEO rules.


Therefore, let us look at Shopify SEO tips and tricks:

  • Create a potent website that helps your Shopify store be systematic and navigable.
  • Focus on creating a unique and attractive page, title, product description, and meta description for each one.
  • Ensure that all images on your online store are high quality and compressed for fast loading.
  • Create high-quality content and build backlinks to get more traffic.
  • Ensure the sitemap addition to the Google search console.
  • Also, check Google Analytics and set up 301 redirects if necessary.
  • Optimize all the product pages and create blogs with high-quality content.

Remember that SEO tactics are all about consistency.


Fast-loading store.

You must know that the e-commerce market has alternatives and strong competitors. 

So, making efforts to give them a smooth shopping experience is much needed, and this perfect experience requires a fast-loading e-commerce website.

Most shoppers expect that product loading takes under 2 seconds.

Therefore, if your store is not fast, you will lose almost half of your consumers. It is a scary sign!

Do not waste more time, and check your loading pages efficiently ASAP.

Try to use a content delivery network (CDN) and compress images as much as possible to enhance quality and load fast.

Moreover, minimize CSS files and JavaScript as much as possible while reducing broken links and redirects.

You can check Google page insights to analyze your store loading speed for mobile and desktop.

Optimizing loading speed is the most necessary task; without a fast-loading page, you can not rank at the top.

Furthermore, you can download certain applications for free to solve the low fasting speed problem and for better running.


An image describes a fast-loading store to increase sales on Shopify

Make an email marketing list.

Do you know that with email marketing, for every dollar you spend, you get 42 dollars?

Email marketing campaigns can have a high ROI. So, do not neglect email marketing on the Shopify store.

For that, you need to make an email address list to send newsletters, offers, product updates, etc.


How can you build your email marketing list?

  • Leave a signup form and ensure visitors can see it when landing on your Shopify store.
  • Provide your visitors with a signup discount code on any products they buy to encourage them to email sign up.
  • Get emails from social media ads or social media pages by leaving signup forms.
  • Also, you can get more email IDs through interesting activities like quizzes and spinning the wheel.

Moreover, you can build a loyal email list and the perfect relationship with customers with giveaways.

Simultaneously, ensure you build your email list from scratch and avoid buying it.


Why buying an email list is like a disaster?

This way is a time waste as you depend on quantity over quality and hope for conversion.

Maybe some other competitors have bought this list, so chances become with someone else, and you increase the competitive environment.

Moreover, you may get your IP blacklisted and its domain blocked.


Increase sales quickly with paid advertising.

Maybe getting web traffic on social media platforms is not easy nowadays, where opening a Shopify store on Facebook and waiting to get organic traffic may take months or even years.

However, investing in Facebook ads to increase sales is necessary as social media like Facebook controls what users see on their feed page. 


An image describes the attraction of an audience through Facebook and Google ads


Here are some effective tips to apply when running Facebook ad campaigns:

  • Focus on creating a design that attracts users' eyes.
  •  Integrate your e-commerce store with Facebook pixel to track all needed KPIS involving clicks and conversion rates.
  • Run Facebook ads that include offers to boost conversions.
  • Use words to encourage customers to purchase immediately, like buy now, hurry up, or limited offers.
  • Include the email subscription form in your Facebook ad.
  • Use video ads to catch the eye.
  • Focus on your target audience who are interested in your business.

Moreover, you can rely on Facebook ads if you work on seasonal products like Feast Month, as SEO needs consistent work.

So, you can run Google or Facebook ads a week before feasts and close them after the end of the month.


Create a dedicated landing page. 

After taking sharp steps like SEO, Facebook ads, email marketing, etc., Congratulations! Your store now can get tons of curious and potential shoppers.

But do you know that having multiple traffic sources, including a landing page, will be a great choice for conversion?

A landing page depends on sending the audience to a page specifically designed to sell to them.

So, you can create a successful landing page and send it to your unique customers.


Here are some features for a successful landing page:

An engaging headline with high-efficiency images and attractive designs. Proper call to action (CTA), social proof with clear benefits and features.


Free shipping offers.

It is incredible how the free shipping word has a magic and psychological effect on increasing sales.

Based on a survey in 2019, around 68% of online shoppers did not make purchases when free shipping was not an option.

Most shoppers expect free shipping, especially when they exceed a certain amount of money. So, they do not calculate the shipping fees.

You can consider the various benefits of offering free shipping while deciding how will you cover its costs.

We can consider free shipping, especially conditional free shipping (where customers must purchase enough to unlock this feature), as a powerful strategy for enhancing average order value(AOV).

Moreover, you can offer a free shipping feature on specific products to help clear inventory.

Try to leverage certain holidays to maximize your profits and increase sales.

Finally, you do not need to do everything; start with the possible.

The most necessary tips are to detect your customers and understand their needs.

Simultaneously, most of these marketing tips and tricks can be done through the marketing team, so you must determine which option can serve your purposes.

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