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Sales Channel Integration Package

Sales Channel Integration Package

1 Week
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Designed for businesses looking to streamline their digital marketing efforts, this product integrates essential tools and platforms with your website to enhance your ability to track, analyze, and optimize your online sales channels effectively.

Seamless Integration Across Platforms
Data-Driven For Decision Making
Enhanced Advertising Efficiency
Expert Setup and Support
Rapid Deployment
Future-Proof Your Marketing

Total Timeframe: 1 Week

Day 1-2 Day 3-4 Day 5-6 Day 7
Onboarding & Requirements Gathering Google Tools Integration Meta Business Manager Setup TikTok, Snapchat, and heatmap setup
Integration Consultation: Initial discussion to understand business needs and sales channel requirements.
Customized Integration Plan: Tailored roadmap outlining the integration process based on business goals.
Platform Connectivity Setup: Seamless connection of the client's business to various sales channels.
Unified Inventory Management: Real-time synchronization to ensure accurate inventory levels across all channels.
Order Processing Automation: Streamlined system for automated order processing across integrated channels.
Cross-Platform Sales Analytics: Implementation of analytics for comprehensive insights into sales performance.
User-Friendly Dashboard: Intuitive interface for easy monitoring and management of integrated channels.
Responsive Customer Support Integration: Integration of customer support features for unified query handling.
Customized Marketing Integration: Implementation of tools for tailored marketing campaigns across integrated channels.
Post-Integration Support: 3 days of support for resolving any issues or queries post-implementation.
Project Duration: The duration of the project is calculated in working days, excluding weekends and public holidays. Any adjustments to the timeline due to non-working days will be communicated and mutually agreed upon by both parties.
Scope of Work: Efficiently integrate channels such as Meta, Google, TikTok and snapchat to client's website.
Client's Responsibilities: Responsibilities include timely provision of accurate business information, active collaboration in the planning phase, approval of integration plans, participation in testing and feedback processes, preparation of product content, compliance with agreed-upon timelines, and ongoing management of post-integration tasks such as updates and support.
Payment Terms: 50% of the payment is due upfront, and the remaining 50% upon project completion. All payments are non-refundable after the initial 24-hour cancellation period.
Cancellation Policy: Orders can be cancelled within 24 hours for a full refund. After this period, the initial deposit becomes non-refundable.
Final Deliverables: Clients receive a fully integrated sales platform, comprehensive documentation, and full ownership rights for autonomous management of their sales channels, ensuring sustained operational success.
Third-Party Services: Any third-party services required for the website are not included in this package and must be acquired by the client separately.
Intellectual Property: Upon full payment, the client owns the rights to the content created for their website. We reserve the right to showcase the work in our portfolio and marketing materials.
Liability Limitations: We are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or losses that result from the use of our services, including but not limited to, business interruption, loss of profits, or data loss.
Confidentiality: All client information and materials are considered confidential and will only be used for the purpose of completing the project.
Termination: Either party may terminate the agreement if the other party breaches any material terms. Termination must be communicated in writing, and fees may apply.
Force Majeure: Neither party will be liable for any failure or delay in performing their obligations where such failure or delay results from any cause that is beyond the reasonable control of that party.
Jurisdiction: This agreement is governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which our company is registered, and any disputes will be resolved in the courts of that jurisdiction.